Impact of Education – One Success Story
"I feel satisfaction with myself. Personal life, I feel more confident with myself. Professional, I can do a lot of things that I wasn't able to do before."

Vilma Magana (C.N.A., SEIU- Local 2015 Nursing Home Bargaining Unit Member, West Haven Facility Employee) expressed after completing the 15 week Basic Computer Course offered by the Education Fund.

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Appreciation from Workers
There isnt enough Thank you's to give to you and team to demonstrate our appreciation. The RNA class provided gave us (long term care workers) more then what the common person believes. By getting Certified as RNA's we have become imperative and irreplaceable. Our Goal as Long term care Workers is to raise our standards of care and becoming certified as RNA’s. We have become the Best that we can be for our patients and that is priceless. We are raising our standards of care using our Education Fund. Thank you again for moving so quickly on expanding our resources, so far there hasn't been nothing that you cannot do when I come to you about a concern.

God Bless to you and Team

Herminia (Mina) Ayala
Union Organizer
Steward at EmpRes Katherine Healthcare Center/Facility
SEIU-Local 2015 Nursing Home Bargaining Unit Member

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CLTCEC featured in 2015 White House Conference on Aging Final Report
The California Long-Term Care Education Center is honored to have been represented within the White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA) Final Report released at the end of December 2015.

Page 2 of the report mentions and provides a photo of Nora Super, Executive Director of WHCOA, visiting one of our In-Home Supportive Service (IHSS) training classes during her time in Los Angeles.

The Direct Care Workers portion of the report goes on to detail our funding awarded from the CMS Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovations. Furthermore the WHCOA report describes our focus on training personal home care aides in core competencies that will enable them to assume new roles with respect to caring for some of the sickest and most costly Medicare and Medicaid enrollees. These core competencies include being health monitors, coaches, communicators, and navigators.

2015 White House Conference on Aging:

2015 White House Conference on Aging Final Report:

Voice for Better Care Campaign
At the close of the tenth quarter of the Care Team Integration of the Home-Based Workforce project funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, we are optimistic about our progress towards our goals of training 6,000 IHSS providers and measuring the triple aim. During the quarter, we overcame enduring challenges and achieved important milestones to evaluate the training’s impact quantitatively as data sharing processes are now underway in the three participating counties, Contra Costa, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino.

As we look to scale and sustain the intervention beyond the grant period, we continue to strategize about methods to maintain and expand on the training, actively pursuing opportunities that increase the program’s exposure and applying for new funding sources. Our challenges in regards to integration activities in Los Angeles County remain but there are opportunities on the horizon to mitigate them.

Contra Costa County’s Final Classes under the CMMI Grant
On January 13, 2015 the ninth training cohort graduated in Contra Costa County. The graduation was very emotional for many students. Participants thanked the instructor for the wonderful knowledge and skills he had shared with the class. Most of attendees left teary eyed, sad that the training was ending and touched by the friendships they had formed.

The last two training classes also started in January 2015. These classes are being held in Richmond, CA and Antioch, CA. The class in Richmond had 18 participant pairs enrolled and the Antioch class had 20 participant pairs enrolled. Both classes will graduate in May 2015. Students are enjoying the training program and have given us positive feedback on our comprehensive curriculum. Some participants who were CNA’s expressed that they learned a lot from our training program.

To learn more about the training classes in Contra Costa County, please contact Christina Jiang at 510-291-4280, or email her at christina@cltcec.org.

Over 1200 Los Angeles County IHSS Consumer and Provider Pairs Graduated in the Fall 2014 Semester
Our largest semester of classes’ to-date in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties began in October 2014.

In Los Angeles County, 47classes were delivered in 6 different languages—11 in Armenian, 3 in Mandarin, 10 in English, 3 in Korean, 16 in Spanish, and 2 in Cantonese—with a total of 1247 IHSS providers completing the entire 17-week training program.

Over the course of a 10-week recruitment cycle, our amazing team of Field Coordinators set out to recruit 2,100 IHSS provider and consumer pairs across 19 cities including Lancaster, Palmdale, North Hollywood, Pomona, Compton, and Long Beach, for our Spring 2015 semester of classes. With the assistance of Home Care Interns, which include program alumni, the field team exceeded their goal and recruited over 2389 into the program.

Success in San Bernardino County
After successfully launching 2 classes in San Bernardino County in the summer of 2014, we increased the number of classes for the Fall 2014 semester and holding 5 classes in 4 San Bernardino County cities: San Bernardino, Bloomington, Rialto, Ontario, and Fontana. 186 IHSS providers graduated from 2 English and 4 Spanish classes that were delivered during the Fall 2014 semester. Recruitment was a huge success due to the wonderful work of our field coordinators, who were able to utilize a unique strategy that carried an over 70% retention rate.

IHSS providers who have taken the training have said that this program has made a difference in the daily lives of their consumers and has helped them preserve the best possible level of functioning. After completing the training, some IHSS providers have said that they feel that they are well trained aides and advocates who will take a standing position as member of the care team with their consumer’s consent.

Over 900 IHSS Consumer and Provider Pairs Currently Enrolled
Our largest semester of classes to-date began in June. In LA County, there are currently 43 classes underway that began in June—eight (8) in Armenian, three (3) in Mandarin, sixteen (16) in English, three (3) in Korean, and fifteen (15) in Spanish—with 1022 providers currently enrolled and average weekly attendance of 894 providers to-date. In Contra Costa County, two (2) classes that began in 8QR are currently in session, one in English and one in Spanish. The Spanish language class had one of our highest recruitment rates in that county with twenty-two (22) enrollees. Finally, two classes also launched in San Bernardino County in 8QR, one in English and one in Spanish, which run concurrently with the Summer 2014 Semester in LA County. There are currently 20 English-speaking students and 24 Spanish-speaking students enrolled into the 2 classes.

To learn more about the program, or to see if you qualify for these free classes, please feel free to call us at 855-810-2015, or email us at info@cltcec.org

WebEx on Personal Care Workforce
In August, our executive director, Corinne Eldridge, was invited by Institute of Medicine to facilitate two workshops on Personal Care Workforce – Preparing for the Future.

Part one of the workshops was delivered on August 14, 2014, focused on demographics and training standards. This workshop examined the state of training standards for the paid personal care workforce. In addition, it reviewed the impact of training programs on both workers and the individuals they care for.

The second workshops was delivered on August 21, 2014, which discussed the use of technology by the personal care workforce, including training requirements, as well as opportunities for advanced roles for personal care workers, particularly in models of care coordination.

To learn more about these webinars, please visit Institute of Medicine, http://www.iom.edu/

Home Care Integration Training in Contra Costa County
In June, the seventh training cohort graduated in Contra Costa County. Students were very pleased and excited to receive their certifications after 17 weeks of comprehensive training. These students came from a diverse education and culture background. Some of these participants have not received any post-secondary training at all. The homecare integration program not only provided necessary skills for participants to become a better provider, it served as a motivation for some students to pursue higher education.

In late August, the first Spanish training cohort will graduate. This is the first and only Spanish cohort in Contra Costa County. Students, CLTCEC staff and grant partners are looking forward to this special graduation program.

To learn more about the training classes in Contra Costa County, please contact Christina Jiang at 510-291-4280 or email her at Christina@cltcec.org

New IHSS Curriculum Has Arrived
The new curriculum for the Home Care Integration Training is now complete. The new curriculum uses different tools to promote and evaluate student learning and retention, including group presentations, role-plays, and competency checks. The order of topics was revised to build basic core competencies at the beginning, build off of the core competencies, and then provide more detailed information on specific common diseases for high-risk consumers towards the end of the semester. Shirley Ware Education Center (SWEC) also revised its personal and career exploration portion of the training with guidance from CLTCEC staff.

Instructors and coordinators now perform competency checks in module 8 and module 16 to assess student learning in the following areas: hand washing, body mechanics, nutrition, home safety and many other necessary skills. In this adult learning environment, students displayed a firm handle of these competencies. An outline of the renewed curriculum is provided below:

Program Introduction
Roles, Rights and the System
Communication and Teamwork
Introduction to ADLs and Body Mechanics
Personal Care
Infection Control and Standard Precautions
CPR, First Aid and Automatic External Defibrillator
Home Safety and Competency Checks
Nutrition, Diet and Physical Activity
Medication and Introduction to Vitals
Body Systems and Common Diseases
Heart and Lung Diseases
Behavior, Health and Developmental Disabilities
Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
Career Exploration and Competency Checks

Home Care Integration Training - Our Health Care Innovation Award
During Year 2 of the home care integration project, four (4) semesters graduated in LA County, including our biggest graduating class to date in June 2014. Five (5) classes graduated in our Spring 2013 semester, nineteen (19) classes in our Summer 2013 semester, nine (9) classes in our Fall 2013 semester, and forty (40) classes in our Spring 2014 semester graduated. During Year 2, 1228 providers graduated in LA County, bringing the overall total of trainees in LA County to 1246, directly impacting the lives of approximately 1350 IHSS consumers who signed up for this project.

Classes in Contra Costa County do not follow the same semester system as LA County; instead, classes start on a rolling basis throughout the year. In Contra Costa County, five (5) classes graduated in Year 2 with two (2) additional classes that began in Year 2 but will complete in Year 3. Classes have now been held in all three districts of the county, giving access to eligible high-risk consumer/provider pairs across the county’s geographic regions. As of the end of Year 2, 69 providers graduated in Contra Costa County, with a direct impact on the lives of approximately 65 IHSS consumers.

Are you an IHSS consumer or provider? To find out if you qualify for these free classes, please feel free to call us at 855-810-2015, or email us at info@cltcec.org