Homecare Integration (CMMI grant)
Our care team integration training program aligns the goals of the IHSS program to keep consumers healthy at home, with the changes being implemented through the Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) integrating the IHSS provider on the care team, which has an added benefit to the Health Plan by helping to meet the triple aim of better care resulting in better health and lower costs.

Homecare Integration training is a product of a Healthcare Innovation Award funded by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Our program honors consumer directed care, trains the provider on new skills and roles such as CPR and 10 core competencies over 17 weeks, with the goal of training 6,000 consumer/provider pairs, leading to cost savings of $24 million dollars. The following partners are currently involved in our project: Contra Costa County Department of Aging and Health Services, Contra Costa Health Plan, IEHP, Molina Healthcare, SynerMed, SEIU United Long-Term Care Workers, and UCSF.

The IHSS provider has direct and regular access to the member and is a direct extension of the member because they care for the member in his/her home. The IHSS provider is able to help her/him through:
  • Communicating about changes in health or any healthcare issues
  • Monitoring health conditions or medication adherence
  • Coaching to support overall improved quality of life for the member (e.g., eating healthy foods, getting exercise)
  • Working as a Care Aide to help support the member’s overall care in the home
  • Navigating through the healthcare system with the member
Are you an IHSS consumer or provider? To learn more about the program, or to see if you qualify for these free classes, please feel free to call us at 213-985-1676, or email us at info@cltcec.org